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relationship disturber
Wednesday, February 15, 2012 • 7:29 AM • 0 Besos

hey i feel very weird today coz i dont know how to describe my bad situation using the alphabets on my keyboard. HMM long sigh. okay you know how is it feels like to know that ur boyfriend's exgf try to grab ur bf back. Its hurt enough. okay mmg Honam xlayan . But aku macm Honam jugak taknak ada PESAING dalam relationship kitorang yeah because this relationship i mean between aku dengan dia dah terlalu banyak dugaan :/ but im glad till 15th of february we still standing in our relationship to keep our promise to love each other forever untill Jannah amin .

Entahlah aku tak tahu nak cakap macam mana mungkin aku dah betul-betul sayang Honam :* and yes i do honam. PLse la i dont want to be hurt for second time okayy? plse this long relationship is quiet fun challenging i know that but please be strong to keep us in love always and ever ok? promise?

To the disturber *i dont want to mention her cute name

Hey girl i know how much you love Honam and yes both of us in love with the same person much . But u already left him once before. He is completely down before and i admit shes still love u on our first conversation at fb and i also dont have any serious feeling towards him. If yout love him why you cheat on him? can u tell me why? he sacrifiessss lot for u . Sorry i didnt mean to hurt u this way i know how its feels like to see someone that we love wth someone else. its hurt but i think u deserve it for what you have done to him. So now backoff leave him all alone his mine. Be mature ok? u are 17 . not 7 . take care of ur pride sorry if u dnt have it anymore and get a new one and get a life ok? lupakan honam :) thnks you thts all sorry if in this entry aku menyinggung perasaan kau ok? aku doakan kau dapat lelaki yang lebih baik lelaki yang bole bimbingkan and that boy just not MY honam ok girl bye

to honam my sweetheart

dear sayang u know how much we do love each other? how much long its take for us to be so in love like now its hard okay but it become easy once we put our trust as the frst thng in our relationship. Hey b its not easy okayy and i mean it. Please jaga kepercayaan yang aku bagi pada kau jangan sia2kan. okay? aku tumbuk muka kau dpt tahu kau tpu akuu,. Kalau agak2 nak tpu akuu bgtw mcm nie ''hey baby b nk tpu awk ni syg'' on the spot aku sepak kau. Bulan 3 nie lagilah aku akan tinggalkan kau 10 hari jauh meninggalkan Malaysia 4337.6 miles jauh okay syg? tolong jgn curang2 okayy jangan gedik dgn betina lain and dkt disturber tuh jgn amek kesempatan nak merayu dkt fiance saya k ? iloveu


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