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♥My Dear Diary♥
hello november
Monday, October 31, 2011 • 8:54 AM • 0 Besos

(gmbr nie dh lameee sgtt now rmbut kita dh pendek :( )

hello salam 1 malaysia. haih sudah masuk november ble nak disemberr nie? hee lmbtnya birthday kitewww 10 dis hmm. menci ah! hik2. okay this october is such kinda boring month ever, yeah . so many problems come across my life lately. idk y. family, friends,lover haha what a nightmare.
im just lately feeling confuse and heartless. cleaR? idk y . i dont feel like doing anything fun im just watching tv, otp, web browsing, eat , eat , eat. haha maybe it is just a normal process for someone that losing their spirit . am i? annoying isnt it? gahaha . i dunno y the hell im writing in Englisah maybe it is because English word is more suitable for someone in stpid condition such as me.:p *peace.

Last 2 days im having such painful migraine ever,vomit,sore throat. haih. im dying maybe but nobody care. its not nobody care actually but im just a girl tht born with heartless heart, try to apprcte something valuable but its doesnt work. totally tired of drama. maybe it is karma tht i have to accept . k? be strong huda :) lots of people love u out there ok?
in a much more simpler way, u outta love person equally , not more not less but equally . love is so confusing. but its great to get confused =='/. have fun and try to understand what i am trying to tell u okay peeps
okay perhaps im just a little tired and sorta cranky . Thats y my post this time is like nagging nagger hihi. but well tha's just life all about nite askm


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