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♥My Dear Diary♥
Long distance relationship,5983 miles apart.
Wednesday, January 25, 2012 • 11:31 AM • 0 Besos

omg ! i bet most of you done watching this video dont cha? if u dont u better click ''play'' its totally awesome i wonder how they can still being together wth lots of love even they are 5983 miles apart? thats crazy dude! no its not i guess its sweet and wonderfull . Youre so lucky Camilia . Kita jelessss ==' sight btw rmi ckp muka aku mcm Camilia '' jelly'' haha btol ok yg ckp tuhh ialah Hanzat Azmi, My own mum and maid, Rara moo , Afy Zain .And 2 org ckp bfre tgk video ni shared kt wall aku diorang ingt aku dgn **** tu afy and echa eg ckp ok. okay idk maybee ada jgk yg ckp sama when dia but muka like ==', :D and so on. okay be jelous! so korunk nak tahu how they frst to get know each other? i bet most of u dont know this check t
his out !

okay kinda jelous actually arghh! *scream out
Hmmm okay done ! haha meet Honam :) shutt2 stop gossiping stalkers.yeah we are madly in love are we Honam? u better say yes or i will kick u bie :* no la i wont coz i know he love me a lot *annoyed for a moment. Hey i just know you its all begin wth Dota haha *evil laugh . He always cheer me up, keep advse me if i hve done smthg wrong n so blala like other couple actually its more than couple but let it be me and Honam's secret. This is all the skype screen capture's picca

there was a time kitorang penah webcam 12 hours
lama kan? tpi xrasa lama pun :*
are we gonna be the next Mahathir and Camilia idk only Allah know that insyaallah


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