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happy birthday to me
Sunday, December 11, 2011 • 3:26 AM • 0 Besos

heyy its been so long since my last update right? yeah yesterday was my 16th brthday im sweet sixteen now! sweet? am i? *blinked hihi. But its so sad coz im celebrating my birthday without my beloved sayang they are fyi, leen and the gorgeous chick aleep haha *big laugh. joke la aliff . :* so it have been 2months since our last meet and hang together. I feel like a year dont u all feel the same? okay tears dropped *seriuosly omg my baby boo just buy me a cool blog last day . aww tq H <3 love yeah *hugandkisses. actually im hoping for someone to wish me but too bad the person will never care about me anymore :') its okay it just not my lucky to have your wishes. :( okay forget it. This conversation is between me and my beloved mum Puan Pauziah

9 december
me: ma! esok brthday akak!
mum : so? haha
me: hello! so? berlagak btol ehh.
mum: yelaa apa perubahan nak buat dah enambelas
me: errr ingt kan nak tanya apa ma nak buat untuk brthday pfff *sigh

haha okayyy but actually i ask my mum to postpone the brthday celebration so i can celebrate my brthday prty wth my bestie :) amin insyaallah . okay thts all okay peeps oh yeah! almost forgot #to all peoples tht sent their wishes tq so much its almost 3289 from facebook, 3 from twitter *yela aq xhottt doe kt twitter and 43 from sms tq :) oh from my insurance agent Mr koo tq for the card and Maxis too tq for the free call haha k bye askm...


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