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♥My Dear Diary♥
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Monday, December 20, 2010 • 8:51 PM • 0 Besos

Let's just say. I have had enough of this drama. Do tell me, when everybody starts getting real for once. By then, maybe you'll start seeing your mistakes and stop blaming others. and perhaps, by then too, you won't be seeing me like how i use to be with you. You'd probably see a fedup girl that could care less bout your shit. Ask the others how hard it was without me. Cause perhaps soon, you'll get a little taste of it too. Yes I had enough. Thanks.:)

ntah laa. sometimes people say things differently but they act differently too. So everybody is like an actor. Fakeness and Lies. When will they just get real? Yeahh, I'm fucked-up. Thanks for noticing.:'(
If today isn't my day. perhaps, tomorrow will be. You can tell everyone how much you don't like how i am. and how happy you are without me. Be proud of making a girl cry if it brings the satisfaction you need.


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Eri Fadzreen
i just want you to be mine. just mine.
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