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♥My Dear Diary♥
The Argument between Us
Monday, February 6, 2012 • 10:45 AM • 0 Besos

dh 3 kali smua post psl honam. kisah? haha 6th of january 2012 the most challenging day between me and honam we fight a lot but i will remember this sayang '' lepas gaduh makin sayang'' :') ding ! speechless once fight . Haha okay seriously only a strong girl like me *cehwah can be wth him :) he is a guy that can easily get angry once jelous haha . So k i can handle u syg. But fighting with him actually teaching me how to patiently control his crazy emotion. HAHA i bet he will be very angry once read this *no ur not ur cutew boy honam . So we Fight all just because that stupid Twitter i will not talk much about it let it just be our both sweet secret *yawn haha

So today i went out wth my aunt and uncle to JB . Arrived at Holiday Plaza around 530pm something . But Thns God at time me and honam getting better . :* iloveu handsome. so here some picca that i snap while honam is playing wth his second gf *omg jelous DOTA LOL! HAHAH JANGAN HARAP ADA 2ND GF EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

tengok tuhhh hoonam gedik sje je tuhh nak manja
iloveu sygg

ha comel x? comel?
tanya Honam dlu

p/s btw tangan titew luka dm kete td tercucuk jarum


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