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♥My Dear Diary♥
from heart to words
Sunday, May 8, 2011 • 6:19 AM • 0 Besos

200 sheets, 2 plys, 1 box of Tender Soft tissue finished in one night. That's a new record. My floor and dustbin is filled with snotty used-up tissue. My pillows are wet as though someone had pee-ed on it. and even my drowsy pills couldn't solve this heartbreak can it? Swollen eyes, damn. My parents will surely realize somethings not right.

ya Allah hriniee seharian aq ngis finally kua ngn kwn2 aq tdi ignore tht part . kdg2 aq rasa hdup aq nie sorunk2 jee mcm x de cpe2. nthla mungkin prsaan aq je koydd tpi blew aq jdi org yggg layan smua org msti ada je mlut yg nak buad ctew bukan2 kan? so better diamkan diri. ok org tgk aq byk kwn tpi sbnrnya aq perlukankan kwn xpun teman yg bole share prblems aq ngn dia, ngis dgn dia, suka dgn dia, call aq n ckp kt aq yg dia syg kan aq, care psl aq , makan mnum aq, skit aq, mcm dluuu. paham kan? hmm nthla kdg2 aq dh bosan dgn smua niee. blew lah aq akan dpt kebebasan so i can let all thiss pressure away frm my life jst like bfre . can i? btol la org ckp dlm apa pun perhubungan sma ada kita berkawan, bercinta or whtever la msti ada jee mslh ngn org tuhh. tpi seseorang tuh kne brbah kpde lbeyh baik kalau nk hubungan dwg kekal. it sounds stupid kan? dh bertahun aq ada blog aq x penah tlis ngarut mcm nie kan?? it meanss aq btol2 sdeyh! :(  nk speaking kjp bole? f only you knew how much you mean to me. How much its been hurting me all this while. How harsh you've been treating me and how aching my heart is right now. I wish you knew how horrible I'm feeling. How many liters of tears I have shed and how many annoyed friends I have repeating and reminding me how you're not the one and that I should move on. Yeahh, they're right. I know they are. But its never easy to forget something ouhh so dear to you. Yeahh, we aren't married and we weren't engaged. Eiww. That's just over. I'm still too young and so are you. I may be immature at times. But bit by bit, I'm learning to grow up. Everyone has their own pace. I only wished you'd wait a little longer like you promised you would. Time might heal some people. But I need more than time to heal. 


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