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♥My Dear Diary♥
nobody care right?
Saturday, April 30, 2011 • 9:24 AM • 0 Besos

well right now im not feeling good. i dont wanna hear everythg stupid cmes out of anybody mouth cause im in a very bad condition. sore throat, caugh, flu, headache, stomachache and the most painfull is ur  love tht have been succesfully infected me . well im quite change . if u knw me thn u will knw how much do i hurts bfre . mybe its take time for me  to make all thngs tht happen back to nrmal ,back to my life. my life have been lighted fool since 2010. smetimes im just proud cause i hve been through all the painfull tht killing me softly untill now or mybe frever . yeah stupid saying isnt it? well im not in mood actually . having a period pain is one of the most stupid thg i ever feel ! like u know? huh!  nobody care about me . its ok! cause im used to. yeah ! imiss when i was in a small cabin with my granfther and go fishing at pulau sibu last year he told me to accpt whtever had happen sincerely . how can i ? tell me how grandpa! i need u. imiss aunty zila. imiss all my family! can i just have one day with all of u! can i? imiss my beloved cousin ima, eka, saien, mira, sara, n lalal! i cant stnd anymre! i wish god will bring sme miracle into my life

hell yeah semua g matii bole? aq x herannnnnnn kalau ikutkan cpew2 pun aq xnak layan!
blew aq buad prgai tahu nk pjuk sne sinii!
apprcte org skit bole?


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