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♥My Dear Diary♥
is it gonna be like bfre
Friday, December 31, 2010 • 5:35 PM • 1 Besos

terduduk aq hariniee pdn muka ko huda! haha jum gelakkan aq ! haha ok xpeww lemahh lesu nieee haha eh mcm lagu impossible pulak kann wooooo! okay baca skit lirik diaa
I remember years ago 
Someone told me I should take 

Caution when it comes to love 
I did, I did------- 

And you were strong and I was not 
My illusion, my mistake 
I was careless, I forgot 
I did 

And now when all is done 
There is nothing to say 
You have gone and so effortlessly 
You have won 
You can go ahead tell them 

Tell them all I know now 
Shout it from the roof tops 
Write it on the sky line 
All we had is gone now 

Tell them I was happy 
And my heart is broken 
All my scars are open 
Tell them what I hoped would be 
Impossible, impossible 
Impossible, impossible 

Falling out of love is hard 
Falling for betrayal is worst 
Broken trust and broken hearts 
I know, I know-------- 

Thinking all you need is there 
Building faith on love and words 
Empty promises will wear 
I know, I know-------- 

And now when all is gone 
There is nothing to say 
And if you're done with embarrassing me 
On your own you can go ahead tell them 

okayy dh ckpp2 suara ko x sdppp haha joke okayh winked ;) haaa euuwww bapak jiwangg haa x sngkaa btol..eh kjp2 aq ada psanan nieee kjp eh

to all my frenz n supporters- tq eh slme niee if aq ada prblem ke gdoo bsr2 ke smua bckup even aq x knl ko n ko un x knl aq! haha iloveuall im proud to say tht iloveeee u guyss!!! muahmuah!!!!! dh laa sumpah x de modd giveup,down..see yeah!


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